AllConditions Customizations

A variety of value-added enhancements

*Not all options are available for all cases.

  • Custom Foam

    Custom foam is a quick and affordable way to design your case around your needs. Securely hold your products in our rugged cases.

  • Foam Lid Pad

    Protect your product from rattling or making noise with a foam lid pad – available for many of our AllConditions™ Cases.

  • Interior Doors

    If you’re looking for larger pockets, ways to group parts together, or a place for your product literature, interior doors are an excellent and convenient option.

  • Interior Trays

    With our AllConditions™ Cases, PFC can fit pre-sized or custom molded trays that will securely hold your contents and make the best use of your case interior.

  • Molded Interior

    Get superior product protection, greater space efficiency, and incredible durability with a custom molded interior on your AllConditions™ Case.

  • Routed Pockets

    By removing a portion of your case’s interior wall, PFC can make more use of space and create additional storage that’s great for electrical cords, hoses, or battery packs.