Growler Getter Growler Tote

Insulated Plastic Growler Carrier

Plastic Beer Growler Carrier

PFC’s Growler Tote has been designed to comfortably accommodate two 64 oz. growlers and at only 1.3 lbs the insulated growler tote is light and easy to transport. PFC’s 64 oz insulated growler tote is perfect for comfortably carrying your favorite craft brew.

The open-top growler tote has room for ice or cooling packs to help keep your brew cold and has been engineered to prevent spillage during transport by using your vehicle’s seat belt system. To further prevent spillage, the growler tote has been designed with an interior cavity to hold up to 128 oz of liquid if a growler were to become damaged.

A beer growler carrier for the car is a great way to transport your favorite beverages without the worry of them rolling around in the back and falling over. Our insulated beer growler totes will ensure your beverages stay cool while you transport them and we offer double beer growler totes and up to 64 oz beer growler carriers. Please drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

According to the Brewers Association the number of microbreweries and brew pubs in the U.S. grew from 1,521 in 2008 to over 3,200 in 2014.  Craft breweries account for 14.3 percent of the $100 billion United States beer market.

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Benefits of the Growler Getter Growler Tote

  • Can comfortably accommodate two 64 oz. growlers
  • Growler Getter for 32 oz. growlers coming soon
  • The open top growler beer tote has room for ice or cooling packs to help keep your favorite brew cold on the ride home
  • Engineered to be used with a vehicle’s seat belt system to be securely held in place preventing spillage during transport
  • At only 1.3 lbs the plastic growler carrier is light and makes it easy to transport your favorite craft beer
  • In the unlikely case that a growler or cap is damaged the Growler Getter’s interior cavity can safely hold up to 128 oz of liquid

*Growlers not included

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