Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Our Employees are owners in the company

Since 1989, a significant portion of PFC has been owned by its employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

When you call PFC, you’re talking to one of the owners – no matter whom you speak with. That makes a big difference.

An ESOP is not simply an employee benefit, it is real ownership, and it gives every PFC employee a stake in how well the company does. Extensive research shows that employees at ESOP companies are more dedicated and work harder; they feel better about themselves, their coworkers and their jobs; and they do a better job serving their customers. That is certainly true at PFC.

It’s really all about attitude. At PFC the only attitude you’ll find, in every department, is a positive one. Every one of our people understands that Customer Service is a shared responsibility. You can see it in how we strive to understand your needs, how we appreciate the critical importance of communicating accurate and timely information, and how we pay attention to the smallest details.