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exterior customizations

Exterior Enhancements to Highlight Your Company’s Brand

PFC offers a range of value-added enhancements for the exterior of your case.

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Standard and Custom Colors Custom Cavity Plates Metal Latches Branding


Standard and custom colors that enhance your marketing & brand

We can manufacture any case, including our Stock Cases when made-to-order, in a variety of standard colors. PFC also has the ability to custom match any color to coincide with your branding efforts. We make sure our made in USA custom color cases are of the highest standards.

made in america custom color case

Custom Cavity Plates

Economical customizations for a variety of purposes

Our modular standard tooling system includes replaceable cavity plates on most sizes. By using a custom cavity plate, we can economically add depth to your case, provide for custom-sized labels and logos, or incorporate stacking or wall mounting capabilities.

Metal Latches

Strong, secure, and shiny

PFC knows that a carrying case is not just packaging – it is part of your product throughout that product’s lifecycle. Designed well, it adds real value – providing the protection your product needs, creating an attractive product display, helping to build your brand, and making your product easier to use in the hands of your customers. Now you can order a foam case with metal latches.

PFC’s introduction of carrying cases with metal latches is just one more way to enhance your product and your brand. PFC offers the option to add metal latches on most of our hard cases that are 15 inches or larger.

Our unique modular mold system allows us to modify our existing tooling to accommodate these new latches cost-effectively, and in keeping with our commitment to designing and manufacturing our products here in the USA, we are pleased that we can source our new metal latch domestically.

The metal latches are made in the USA out of durable Type 430 Stainless annealed steel with a polished finish.

foam case with metal latch

Branding Opportunities

To further enhance your brand, your corporate logo can be imprinted on any PFC case in a variety of ways!

plastic case with label

Custom Labels

Available now in full color, PFC can digitally print photo quality labels for your logo, registration marks, and more. Labels are laminated for added protection, and can be applied to any PFC Stock label recess.

3D Logo & 3D Color Logo

We can inexpensively mold your company’s name or logo into any product we make to order. It’s an affordable and effective way to market your brand. We can also combine a 3D logo and our color stamping capabilities to create a three dimensional logo or lettering in a contrasting color. This approach provides maximum visibility for your company and brand.


For a more subtle look, PFC can create a custom recessed logo plate for your case. Create an elegant and high-end look for your marketing.

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