Exterior Customizations

These value-added enhancements can highlight your company's brand.

*Not all options are available for all cases.

  • Standard and Custom Colors

    We can manufacture any case, including our Stock Cases when made-to-order, in a wide variety of colors. PFC also has the ability to custom match your pantone color to coincide with your branding efforts.

  • Custom Cavity Plates

    Our modular standard tooling system includes replaceable cavity plates on most sizes. By using a custom cavity plate, we can economically add depth to your case, provide for custom-sized labels and logos, or incorporate stacking or wall mounting capabilities.

  • Metal Latches

    To add a bit of shine PFC offers the option to add metal latches on most of our cases that are 13 ½ inches or larger.

Branding Opportunities

To further enhance your brand, your corporate logo can be imprinted on any PFC case in a variety of ways.

3D Logo

We can inexpensively mold your company’s name or logo into any product we make to order. It’s an affordable and effective way to market your brand.

Stamped Logo

A stamped logo in a contrasting color is a simple and affordable way to build you brand identity – even when buying small quantities of our Stock Cases.

Tip Stamped Logo

By combining a 3D logo and a color stamp PFC can create a tip stamped logo to make your logo truly pop. This approach provides maximum visibility for your company and brand.

Exterior Label

A full color, photo quality label can show off your logo, tag line, registration mark, and more.