Value-Added Enhancements

interior customizations

Customize Your Case to Your Customer’s Specific Needs

PFC offers a wide variety of value-added enhancements for your case’s interior

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*Not all options are available for all cases.

DIY Foam Custom Foam Routed Pocket Lid Flap Interior Labels
Interior Doors Foam Lid Pad Interior Trays

DIY Foam

Cut your own foam inserts

We can supply our Stock Cases filled with standard sheets of urethane foam that you can easily cut yourself to fit your contents.

Custom Foam

Quick and affordable customization

Custom Foam Interiors provide a quick and affordable custom option expressly designed around your needs. Whether die-cut, or made using our precision die-less cutting process, they are the perfect solution to securely hold your product.

Routed Pocket

Create more storage within your custom case

The air space between the walls of a PFC double-wall case can provide more than just excellent shock protection. We can remove a portion of the interior wall to create additional storage space — perfect for electrical cords and hoses.

Lid Flap

Added storage for materials

Need a safe place to store informational material? Our patented design allows you plenty of room to organize product literature, user manuals, and more.

Interior Labels

For quick instructional access

A plastic case with label is useful when you need to provide information or instructions for the cased equipment. If you need an instructional or informational label, PFC can print and apply a high quality, laminated label to the interior of your case.  Our current max label size is 12” x 7-1/2”. 

plastic case with label

Interior Doors

Securing small items easily

We can incorporate one of our standard see thru doors into your custom molded interior. They are the perfect way to securely hold groups of small items in place.

PFC can also custom blow molded doors specifically for your case design to cover larger pockets, or to house groups of parts or product literature.

Foam Lid Pad

Add protection and noiseless contents

We can adhere a foam lid pad in your case to add further protection for your product, or to quiet contents prone to rattling.

Interior Trays

Pre-sized or custom molded trays for your case

Need an extra layer of storage to organize parts or keep things separated? We offer several different trays – sized to fit our stock cases. We can also custom mold a tray for your specific size case.

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