We've been making cases for over 40 years, and we do everything right here in the U.S.A. – design, mold engineering, and manufacturing.

  • AllConditions™ Cases

    These rugged and weather-resistant cases are available in sizes to fit almost any need. Our proprietary gasket sealing system keeps your contents clean and dry while the case itself is designed to transport store and protect your equipment under a variety of conditions.

  • Stock Cases

    With more than 60 sizes available, we are guaranteed to have a stock case for you. Many are available to purchase online, while all are ready to ship within 48 hours with no minimum quantity.

  • Stock Cases with Standard Foam

    As a quick and affordable solution for your needs, our stock cases with standard foam interiors protect your contents without breaking your budget.

  • Stock Cases with Pluck Foam

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  • Molded Interiors

    This is the best of both worlds – standard tooling and a custom interior. You can get a unique custom package in as little as 4-6 weeks and save up to 80%. Additional value-added enhancements are available as well.

  • Custom Foam

    When the quantity is small or where a foam interior is just the right solution, PFC can create a custom foam interior for your product – an economical and quick solution.

  • Custom Cases

    Our design and engineering team will work with you to create an entirely custom case based on your specific product and needs. Inside and out, your custom case will be unique and distinctive.

  • Slim Line Cases

    As a smaller and lighter case, PFC’s Slim Line cases are just as durable and made with the same quality materials as our traditional cases. Value-added enhancements are also available.

  • Living Hinge Cases

    Soft edges and subtle texture give our Light-Duty Cases a sleek and streamlined design. They are an effective blend of efficient functionality, security for your product, and attractive looks.

  • Growler Getter Growler Tote

    Designed to comfortably accommodate two 64oz growlers, our Growler Tote is insulated, light, and easy to transport. It has room for ice or a cooling pack and has been engineered to prevent spillage.

  • Routed Foam Inserts and Trays

    PFC’s custom tool control solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your tools. From hand tools to power tools, protect your investment while in storage – your employees will thank you.