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Making custom carrying cases for over 50 years

We do everything right here in the U.S.A. – design, mold engineering, and manufacturing

We source our materials domestically, we don’t subcontract work to other companies, and we don’t outsource anything to foreign manufacturers. Everything is made in one of our factories, where our teams work on site every day. Nothing is farmed out to other companies, here or overseas. Everyone at PFC takes responsibility for timely delivery and consistently high-quality cases free of defects. Because we are an employee-owned company, you can be sure everyone who works on your specialty case has a vested interest in making you happy. Whether it’s an initial product run, a reorder, or a stock case off the shelf, you can expect to receive a quality case that makes you, and us, proud.

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Stock Cases

With more than 60 sizes available, we are guaranteed to have a stock case for you. Many are available to purchase online, while all are ready to ship within 48 hours with no minimum quantity.

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AllConditions™ Gasketed Cases

These rugged and weather-resistant cases are available in sizes to fit almost any need. Our proprietary gasket sealing system keeps your contents clean and dry while the case itself is designed to transport store and protect your equipment under a variety of conditions.

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Slim Line Cases

As a smaller and lighter case, PFC’s Slim Line cases are just as durable and made with the same quality materials as our traditional cases. Value-added enhancements are also available.

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Light Duty Cases

PFC offers a line of specialty lightweight cases that are just right for your light-duty products. These lightweight cases are molded from a polyethylene blend and are stronger than injection-molded cases, but still provide the same affordability.

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Cases for Guns

PFC cases allow you to use them in various environments when protection is critical. Whether hunting, fishing, working, or any other reason you could think of, PFC’s cases are designed to be tough to protect your gear from damage or breakage.

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Custom Cases

Our design and engineering team will work with you to create an entirely custom case based on your specific product and needs. Inside and out, your custom case will be unique and distinctive. *minimums apply

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Need something more?

Get exactly the case you need, when you need it.

Custom Molded Interiors

PFC’s modular tooling system allows us to offer our customers the best of both worlds, standard tooling with a custom interior! By combining our standard mold tooling with components designed for your specific needs, we can create a unique case for much less than the cost of building a custom mold.

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Custom Foam

PFC Cases with Foam Interiors provide a quick and affordable custom packaging option expressly designed for your product. Custom foam cases are the perfect solution when the quantity is small, or where foam provides just the right “look and feel”. Our foam filled cases are a must when you need to transport something of value.

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