AllConditions Cases

Rugged and Weather-Resistant Construction

Smart Protection. Right Price.

PFC’ s AllConditions™ weather-resistant cases, are an affordable alternative for those looking to purchase a protective case, and are available in sizes to fit almost every need.  With a proprietary gasket sealing system to keep your products clean and dry, AllConditions™ weather resistant cases are designed to lock out dirt and moisture while still being affordable.   AllConditions™ weather resistant cases are an excellent way to transport, store and protect your equipment. In fact, AllConditions™ cases have been certified IP53 by a nationally accredited independent testing laboratory.

  • Open interior
  • Plank or Pluck Urethane Foam inserts
  • Custom Foam
  • Custom Molded Interiors

Standard AllConditions™ rugged equipment cases are available in Graphite, Yellow or Orange and can be shipped with 24 hours of being ordered.

Custom Camera Cases for Photography & Video Professionals

PFC now offers photography equipment cases especially designed for photographers and sporting enthusiasts.  These  protective cases feature custom foam interiors which securely hold most DSLR cameras, lenses and peripherals as well as custom cut foam designed specifically to safeguard GoPro® and Contour compact high performance video cameras.

  • Custom Camera Cases
  • Waterproof Digital Camera Case

Whether you are a professional looking for lightweight, affordable camera equipment cases, or an individual looking to keep your gear clean and dry while spending the weekend outdoors, AllConditions™ protective cases are up to the task.

AllConditions™ Cases

These cases are an affordable and simple solution for your product, and are designed to lock out dirt and moisture. They come in a variety of off-the-shelf sizes, and can be customized to fit your needs.