Molded Interiors

Integrated Custom Interiors

The Best of Both Worlds - Standard Tooling and a Custom Interior

We've invested more than $5 Million in standard tooling, so you can get a unique custom package in as little as 4-6 weeks and save up to 80%. More than 60 sizes and a wide variety of value-added enhancements are available.

By combining our standard mold tooling with components designed for your specific needs, we can create a unique case for much less than the cost of building a custom mold. How much less? On average, this approach can reduce tooling costs 80% to 90%, and you still enjoy all the benefits of our double-wall construction.

PFC Cases with Molded Interiors offer superior product protection, attractive display, greater space efficiency, and durability. And when we make a case with a molded interior, that interior isn’t a separate insert that is snapped in or glued in; it’s an integral part of the case itself. And as such, our cases with molded interiors don’t cost much more than our Stock Carrying Cases.

We offer many value-added enhancements for our cases with molded interiors, including special colors, cut outs and pockets to store literature and manuals, stacking interlocks, and custom logos and labels.

  • A case with a molded interior designed for your product
  • More than 60 sizes to choose from
  • From design to delivery in as little 4-6 weeks
  • A wide variety of value-added enhancements available

Strong & Durable Construction

Like all of the cases we make, PFC Cases with Molded Interiors are blow molded from recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Why? Because no other material even comes close when it comes to impact strength (even in the coldest weather), resistance to solvents and oils, and durability. PFC Cases with Molded Interiors can never rust or corrode. Their color is molded in, so it can never chip, peal, or rub off. And our scratch resistant Mold-Tech™ exterior finishes stay looking good, even after years of hard use. PFC Cases with Molded Interiors also incorporate our patented mechanical hinges and latches – the industry standard.

Space Efficient

PFC Cases with Molded Interiors are inherently more space efficient than the alternatives, and our design team has a knack for packaging products in the smallest case possible – reducing the unit cost, taking up less warehouse space, and lowering shipping costs. People who use your product also appreciate how a lighter, space efficient case is easier to carry.

Made in the USA

We do everything in-house – design, mold engineering, and manufacturing – and we do it here in the USA. We don’t subcontract anything; we don’t outsource anything to foreign manufacturers. That ensures that we can stay on top of every detail, and it keeps typical lead times as little as 4-6 weeks.

We’ve streamlined the process from design to delivery, so you can get a unique custom package quickly and cost-effectively. We don’t think custom cases for your products should be a huge hassle or expense – that’s why we are the industry leader in custom blow molded cases.

Brand Consistency & Simplification

If you make different versions of the same basic product, we can often design a single case with a molded interior to package all of them. Reducing the number of SKUs in that way simplifies your inventory management and reduces your costs. And if you make a line of products requiring a number of different case sizes, our proprietary modular mold system enables us to offer the consistent look and feel so important to your brand identification.

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