Blow Molded Cases – Modular Tooling & Interiors

The Best of Both Worlds – Standard Tooling and a Custom Interior

All PFC standard case molds utilize some variant of our modular tooling system enabling us to offer our customers over 125 stock cases sizes to work with.

By combining our standard mold tooling with components designed for your specific needs, we can create a unique blow molded case for much less than the cost of building a custom mold. How much less? On average, this approach can reduce tooling costs 80% to 90%, and you still enjoy all the benefits of our double-wall construction.


blow molded cases

Superior Durability in Blow Molded Cases

Our blow molded plastic cases with foam interior boast unrivaled product protection, enticing display options, enhanced space efficiency, and unparalleled durability. Our signature blow molded case foam interior is not a mere insert; it’s seamlessly integrated into the case. This design ensures that our blow molded cases with foam interiors are competitively priced, closely rivalling our Stock Carrying Cases in terms of cost.

We further enhance the value of our made in America blow molded cases with features such as distinctive colors, meticulously tailored cut outs, pockets for literature and manuals, and custom logos and labels. If you’re looking for a blow molded case with label and foam, our extensive range of designs will certainly impress.

  • From design to delivery in as little as 4-6 weeks
  • An extensive range of value-added enhancements available

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Value-Added Customizations

Interior Customizations

Exterior Customizations

Interior Customizations Exterior Customizations

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