A Letter From Our President

John C. Womer

When Peter Schurman invented the double-wall blow molded carrying case in the 1960s, he revolutionized the packaging industry. Nothing else on the market came close to offering the same combination of affordability, utility, and durability. And that’s just as true today as it was 50 years ago.

While Peter’s innovative spirit continues to inspire us, business in general and PFC have certainly changed over the decades. Our customers face a dizzying array of new challenges. Markets and competition are global. The pace of innovation is accelerating. New products need to be developed and brought to market faster. Product life cycles are shorter. And making  and selling a single product everywhere has been replaced by the need to offer multiple products tailored to the specific needs of individual global markets.

PFC has always offered the industry’s most innovative products as well as the best value. Today, however, our job includes helping our customers meet those new challenges. For example, we understand that it is more difficult for our customers to predict the demand for their products and, therefore, to know how many cases they will need, where they will need them, and when. So we’ve focused our entire business – every person, every process, every piece of equipment – on increasing our flexibility so that we can provide just-in-time delivery and logistical assistance – even the warehousing of finished cases to meet unexpected demand.

At PFC, we do everything here in the U.S.A. and we always will. We don’t subcontract work to other companies; we don’t make anything offshore. That means we stay on top of every detail, quickly responding to our customer’s changing needs.

We look forward to working with you.

John C. Womer

President of PFC