AllConditions Series: Weatherproof and Weather Resistant Protection for Your Gear

Plastic Cases for Electronics & More

Built to Last:

  • Molded from tough recyclable HDPE: This high-density polyethylene material is renowned for its strength and durability, ensuring your gear stays safe even under the most challenging conditions.
  • Rugged doublewall construction: This design creates a cushion of air that absorbs impacts, keeping your belongings safe from harm.
  • IP53 certified: This independent lab certification guarantees the case's ability to resist dust and water ingress.
  • Outstanding impact strength; The case remains strong and resilient even in extreme cold weather.
  • Unaffected by solvents and oils: You can rest assured that your gear will be protected from spills and harsh chemicals.
  • No rust or corrosion: Say goodbye to worries about rust and corrosion, thanks to the case's durable construction.
  • Molded-in color and textured exterior; The case maintains its good looks even after years of heavy use.
  • Patented mechanical hinges and latches: These secure closures provide reliable protection for your gear.
  • 100% recyclable: This environmentally friendly case is made from recyclable #2 plastic, making it a sustainable choice.
  • Available in different color options to match your personal style.
  • Interior: Select the most suitable interior configuration for your specific needs.

The AllConditions weather resistant case is a perfect solution for -

  • Professionals who need to keep their equipment safe and accessible on the job.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who want to protect their gear from the elements since the AllConditions Series is weatherproof!
  • Anyone who needs a reliable and durable carrying case for any purpose.

Order your AllConditions weather resistant case today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your gear is protected!