Why I Chose PFC


I’m happy to announce that I recently celebrated my 18th anniversary here at PFC.  I started off as a ‘green’ college graduate with a degree in Industrial Design. When I first started, I knew very little about the blow-molding manufacturing process and I was a little intimidated by it all.  However, what was evident from my first interview was that PFC was a rarity.  PFC encompasses Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, and a Machine Shop all under one roof.  Many of the employees I met in the early days had been with PFC for a long time and seemed to still enjoy their work, so it was obvious that PFC treated their crew well. Upon graduation, I was very fortunate to be presented with multiple job offers; but I wanted a job that allowed me to use my creativity while getting my hands dirty, which is why I chose PFC.


Those who came before me started with far less than what we have today, including computers.  The earlier engineering staff had to draw up plans by hand and build patterns made from wood for mold production.  It’s important to carry their legacy while staying true to PFC’s core values. As an engineer at PFC, I have the opportunity to interact with people from all of the various department within the company, at both our Connecticut and Ohio plants.  Sure, the bulk of my work is designing and customizing cases using our CAD software while sitting at my desk; but at a moment’s notice, I could be at a CNC milling machine, working with our Production equipment on the floor or visiting a customer.  PFC Engineers wear a tool belt with many types of tools.  There’s never a dull moment and I enjoy the exposure to so many tasks and team members.



One of the things that I am most proud of is how our design team has a knack for packaging products in the smallest case possible – reducing the case cost for our customers, as well as taking up less warehouse space, and lowering shipping costs. We enjoy the challenges that our customers present, such as taking different versions of the same basic product and designing a single case that can be configured to package all of them, thereby reducing the number of SKUs to simplify inventory management and reduce customer costs.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my coworkers for bringing so much joy to the job.  I appreciate working here and I’m glad I chose PFC!

About Patrick

Patrick Pietrantonio joined PFC in November 2005 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Patrick has continued his Post-Graduate education by completing numerous certificate courses ranging from CAD/ CAM programming to CNC Machining. Patrick manages the engineering department as well as the machine shop.

Patrick resides in Southington, CT with his wife, two children and dog Bella. During his collegiate career Patrick Captained the Wentworth Men’s Soccer team and he continues to play competitively to this day.