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    PFC Has Been Manufacturing Cases in The U.S.A. For Over 50 Years

    PFC has been making cases for over 50 years, and we do everything right here in the U.S.A. – mold design, engineering, and manufacturing.  PFC is Headquartered in a 28,800 square foot office and manufacturing facility in Woodbridge, CT.  In 1994, PFC opened our second plant in Massillon, Ohio adding 30,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. In 2020, our Ohio facility expanded adding an additional 10,000 square feet of warehouse space, bringing their footprint to 40,000 square feet.

    Establishing A Brand

    In 1966, Peter Schurman founded The Plastic Forming Company in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Initially, PFC focused on machinery development and specialty custom blow molding. In 1969, PFC entered the double-wall blow molded carrying case business using a new process developed by Schurman.

    For the following decade, and driven by continuous product and process improvements, PFC-type cases gained wide acceptance owing to their unique combination of extreme durability, product protection, styling freedom, and moderate cost. The market and the Company grew rapidly as these cases became the preferred method to package a wide variety of consumer and industrial products.

    In the early 1980s, PFC developed a proprietary line of cases to package the broad array of products sold by small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors. Among the many products now packaged in PFC cases are professional hand and power tools, portable test instruments and meters, microscopes, surveying transits and other optical devices, medical instruments, educational kits, and more. To complement its proprietary line of cases, PFC also manufactures foam and custom blow molded inserts and thermoformed inserts and trays.

    The Plastic Forming Company is a proud member of the Made in America Movement.


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    The Plastic Forming Company to Offer Metal Latches on Most Cases

    For Immediate Release

    Woodbridge, CT, May 1, 2019.   The Plastic Forming Company, Inc. (PFC), the leading manufacturer of double-wall blow molded carrying cases for over 50 years, is pleased to announce they will be offering metal latches on their most popular size cases.  The new latches are made in the USA out of durable Type 430 Stainless annealed steel with a polished finish and will be available on most case sizes 15 inches or larger.

    According to PFC Vice President & General Manager, Mike Warth, “while our patented molded plastic latches have been the industry standard for decades and proven themselves on tens of millions of cases in the most demanding environments, we decided it was the right time to offer our customers an alternative. Our unique modular mold system allows us to modify our existing tooling to accommodate these new latches cost-effectively. And, in keeping with our commitment to designing and manufacturing our products here in the USA, we are pleased that we can source our new metal latch domestically.”

    These new latches are yet another value-added enhancement available on PFC’s broad line of double-wall blow molded cases, including Stock Cases off-the-shelf, cases with custom foam interiors, and cases with integrally molded interiors.  Other available enhancements include branding using 3D and hot stamped color logos, in-house custom labeling, standard and custom case colors, interior doors and trays, and more.

    PFC knows that a carrying case is not just packaging – it is part of your product throughout that product’s lifecycle. Designed well, it adds real value – providing the protection your product needs, creating an attractive product display, helping to build your brand, and making your product easier to use in the hands of your customers.  PFC’s introduction of metal latches is just one more way to enhance your product and your brand.

    About The Plastic Forming Company

    Established in 1966, the Plastic Forming Company is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of double-wall blow molded cases.  Since 1989, a significant portion of PFC has been owned by its employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). So when you call PFC, no matter who you speak with, you’re talking to “one of the owners.”

    With an in-house design team, in-house mold shop, and manufacturing in both Woodbridge, Connecticut and Massillon, Ohio, PFC offers its customers a wide variety of capabilities with a focus on fast response and flexibility.

    PFC has over sixty Stock Case sizes available off-the-shelf. There is no minimum quantity, and we can ship most orders within 48 hours.

    All PFC products are made in the USA out of tough, recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  No other material even comes close to HDPE when it comes to impact, resistance to solvents and oils, and durability.

    For additional information, please contact Jacquie Gilmore at 203-397-1338, or via email at




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