Why PFC?

When you start searching for that perfect case for your product you will come across quite a few options – blow molded cases, injection molded cases, EVA cases, soft sided bags and more. There are so many options.  So, you may say to yourself, “Why PFC?”

I can list quite a few reasons as to why you should choose PFC, but let me start by introducing myself, and telling you a little bit about our company.  My name is Jacquie and I started working for PFC in 2012.  My background was working in marketing and business development for biotech and engineering companies; I had never worked for a manufacturing company before.  What immediately piqued my interest about PFC was the “feel” I got during my interview process.  I liked the idea of working for a smaller company that was passionate about keeping manufacturing, and therefore jobs, in the U.S.A.  I liked the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).  I found the products, and how they serve so many different industries compelling. But most of all, I liked the whole general “vibe” I got as soon as I first walked through the door and met all the people. And after almost 11 years I have not regretted joining PFC one moment.

I think that my co-workers as well as our customers would agree that PFC’s company culture, which encourages independence and creativity, allows us to provide the best packaging options possible for any product. And since everything from engineering, customer service, manufacturing and machine tooling is done in-house at either our Woodbridge, CT headquarters or in Massillon, OH we are able to get things done quickly and efficiently, which means it takes less time to get your product out the door and into your customer’s hands.

Whether you call us, submit a form on-line, or use the chat feature on our website (where you may be chatting with me!), we will be happy to assist you. No matter what you are looking to package, we look forward to working with you to create the perfect case for your product!