At PFC we strive to build relationships

We don’t have a “Customer Service Department” at PFC. That’s because every PFC employee in every department is responsible for delivering outstanding customer service, regardless of their job description. We strive to build long-term relationships with each and every customer – so that everyone, in every department, knows you, your company, your products, and your unique needs.

Our customers and the products we package for them run the gamut. Each new project is unique, so the process begins with questions – LOTS of questions. Walk our factory floor on any given day, and you’ll find us making cases for applications as diverse as ultrasonic flaw detectors for the aerospace industry, handheld moisture meters used in farming and food processing, electric and pneumatic cutting and crimping tools used to get the power back on after a major storm, and emergency medical equipment used by first-responders in the field.

All of those applications are portable, and they all need a durable, reusable package. But that’s only the beginning. We design every PFC case to add real value – a case that both protects what’s inside and that makes it easier to use in the hands of the end user. So we ask questions to drill down to understand who uses your product, how they use it, and where. In addition, if coiled hoses, cables, instruction manuals, or other accessory pieces are part of the package, we have clever ways to store them as well.

Made in U.S.A.

How we manufacture our cases is also key to serving our customers. We do everything in-house at our factories in Connecticut and Ohio. Nothing is farmed out to other companies, here or overseas. That ensures that we can stay on top of every detail, accommodate tight scheduling needs, and deliver your cases when and where you need them.

And finally, because we are an employee-owned company, you can be sure everyone you work with has a vested interest in making you happy Extensive research shows that employees at ESOP companies are more dedicated and work harder; they feel better about themselves, their coworkers and their jobs; and they do a better job serving their customers. That is certainly true at PFC.